Transparency Matters

How food is grown impacts nutrition. Fruits and vegetables that are heavily sprayed with chemicals are toxic to humans and can cause long-term health effects. With little transparency along the food value chain, it makes it difficult to know where our food comes from, leaving consumers powerless to make informed decisions.

At JustGood Group, our mission is to ensure food traceability is in place throughout our food value chain. Using an integrated, digitized approach, our traceability practices start from our smart farms and suppliers all the way to our online grocer and meal delivery services. Fresh ingredients are responsibly cultivated and ethically sourced, with information comprising country of origin, farm source, farm certificate and packing & harvesting date, all available at your fingertips.

Safe food equals better lives. By knowing the origins of your food, you too can help support safer, more nutritious produce and use your purchasing power for the common good.

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The JustGood Promises

Our belief in what we do is centered around these core promises:

The People Behind Our Fresh Produce

Buying local helps support the livelihood of farmers and their families. It also promotes accountability on local farmers to use sustainable agriculture practice to produce more nutritional foods without impacting the environment.

Our strategic partnerships with myGAP and myOrganic farms ensure long-term supply of high-quality produce, and at the same time, build strong, resilient farming communities.

โ€œEvery time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.โ€

Anna Lappe