Our Story

The food industry is at a crossroad. Consumers are demanding healthier food. Yet, the strain of a rising population with amplified demand for food has resulted in many negative externalities, including the presence of harmful ingredients in food. Without visibility and transparency, it becomes challenging to know what we are consuming.

Today, we strive to change that narrative. In our pursuit for safer and more accessible food, we have smart farms that harvest pesticide-free produce under our home brand, JustGood Roots. As a group, we work with a network of partners to ensure accountability of our food journey from the first to the last mile is managed with integrity. Traceability is a lengthy, tedious process, but it is one that we are fully committed to.

We partner with ethically-responsible food producers who share the same values as we do. To harvest sustainable produce that positively impacts individuals, communities and the environment. We believe in building strong, collaborative relationships with our farmers; they are our connection to food.

This food revolution requires a collective effort. We are not the first change-makers and we wonโ€™t be the last. We are proud to join our peers who are fighting for the same cause - there is not enough of us. The improvement for food safety requires continued action and with your support, we can make safe food a reality for all.